Ikelite SLR housings have evolved into classics providing dependable performance.  The thick wall DSLR housing provides professional performance equal to any rival product.


An assortment of interchangeable lens ports offers exceptional optical quality and allows use of most macro, wide angle and zoom lenses.


Instead of offering it as an expensive option, Ikelite build TTL electronics into every digital SLR housing. Perfect exposure is guaranteed when you add any current Ikelite DS Substrobe.


Ikelite units are provided with our Barouder 5'' monitor and 20m or 50m video BNC cable for surface monitoring.

DEEP-VISION Housing (RED, Alexa, Phantom...)

The easiest way to shoot with a camera hi-speed under water !


Ideal for advertising or fiction shooting, this underwater housing allows full control of the camera from the surface.  Powered from the surface is the guarantee of autonomy without limit.


The operator has an HD video monitor that allows him to control precisely the picture.

To complete the device and work efficiency, the diving team is in constant contact with the surface thanks to a system of the underwater communication.




Now you can control from the surface your camera, Iris, Focus. All the camera is powered from the surface by a cable (50 m/164ft)




The carbon fibre housing has a net weight of 3.8 kg and measures 155*155*315 mm in size. It can accommodate a camera up to 200 mm long.


A 3.6" TFT colour display gives a preview of the short. The display is battery-powered and lasts for up to 8 hours.


Fitting the camcorder into the underwater housing is very straightforward. It is fixed onto a plate with tripod screws and placed in the center of the port pane. As with all universal underwater housings, wide angle or macro converters must be fitted to the camcorder lens inside the housing.


Thanks to innovative lip design, this O-ring does not need to be greased.

Low maintenance involves simple cleaning with water.




Made of seawater-resistant aluminium, CNC milled out of a monoblock, hard anodized and passivated in a special process to make it seawater-resistant.

Precision-guided on a special slide, the camcorder is introduced into the front part of the housing.  Installation errors can therefore be excluded.


The high resolving color TFT-LCD monitor offers a sharp picture of 3.6” in 16:9 format that is rich in contrast. On- and Off switching of the monitor functions automatically with ON-OFF of the camcorder.


Due to the viewing angle of 30° to the swimming position and the efficient sunshield you can perfectly watch the picture taking even in shallow water.

Ideal for advertising or fiction shooting from the surface, this waterproof case allows full control of the camera.


It protects the camera waves, all projections of water, sand...  Although fully waterproof we do not recommend its use under the water.


The operator has an HD video monitor that allows him to control precisely the image. A second video output allows to connect the camera cable (20m or 50m) to an external monitor.


Its weight and versatility makes it a popular tool of users.

It's the ideal solution if you want to retain you standards on professional, high quality pictures as you take your analog or digital camera diving, snorkeling, sailing, cannoning or out into real extreme, foul weather.

Housings to fit nearly every film-, video- and stills photo camera on the market.




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