Underwater speaker  and  surface audio monitoring.

This system allows communication with all the divers in the pool. It is very simple to install, less than 5 minutes.


It consists of a speaker waterproof, 10m cable connected to the surface to an amplifier. With the micro you give orders to all divers.


RCA input allows you to connect an iPhone to play music


This system is often used for music clip.


The hydrophone is designed to work with any PA system or recording device that offers a balanced, phantom-powered, microphone input. It has a 15m long XLR cable. It uses a low-noise, robust transducer and includes a low noise internal buffer preamp. Operation is very simple: just plug in and use. No additional power supply or proprietary preamp is required.


The hydrophone offers the following advantages:

- Low self noise Good sensitivity

- High dynamic range

- Works with any common phantom power voltage

- Robust design handles accidental drops and temperature extremes

- Compact (4.5mm OD)

- Low-noise cable with tough urethane jacket

Connects directly with pro condenser microphone circuits.


This system allows breathing with the nose a more natural way. His facial glass allows you to recognize the face of the diver.


Two options are available to communicate.

- It is possible to use an RF system underwater. Divers communicate among themselves and with the surface.

- It is possible to record the communication of the diver directly into a digital recorder.



A jewel of water resistant technology in an highly resistant case!


Baroudeur HD 5.6'' is the alliance between the star field of monitors TVlogic VFM-056WP and extreme experience of DEEP-VISION teams.

- Water resistant to 80 meters

- Color calibration

- Various Scan modes

- SDI embedded Audio 16ch

- TC display

-Zoom / Focus Assist

- 7.30 hours autonomy


What submarine projectors to choose?


Tungsten projectors are less powerful  than the performance HMI lights.  HMI are generally more compact and produce a light similar to daylight.


LEDs are very interesting because of they  outstanding performance. They allow greater autonomy with quality very close to daylight light.


We offer for rent these three technologies.

Today we advise you the HMI light projectors.


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